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Published:May 15th, 2006 16:17 EST
The Weekly Marijuana Crop Report

The Weekly Marijuana Crop Report

By R.J. Smith

Marijuana.  It is the breakfast of champions.  The herb of the gods.  The hot filling in the apple pie we like to call the American dream.  Without it, children everywhere would starve, babies would cry, the skies would turn black, and the rivers would flow with the blood of the innocent.

While none of that is remotely true, it is a good way to pass the time when you are bored, and for some it becomes an actively pursued hobby.  The economics of marijuana can be as intricate as Wall Street on its worst day.  The varying ranges of quality and pricing in the marijuana business are unheard of in any other market.  You can get one bag of decent shwagg in one city for 50$ and go to another an hour away and the same stuff is barely worth 25$. 

So that is why I bring you this new weekly column, The Crop Report.  I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but we are talking about weed here, not laws of physics.  As many of you know, hard science doesn’t apply when you are stoned.  It is like applesauce.  For your own good, I won’t explain that metaphor any further.  Enjoy.

Prices in Denver are standing strong at 25$ a half/ 50$ an ounce for shwagg and 50 an 1/8th for kind.  The shwagg is of varying degrees of strength, but all pretty decent.  If bad stuff is floating around, it is scarce.  The kind is mainly the same fluffy nuggets from Boulder.  One or two hits are all you need.

Up in eastern Canada, the prices are quite a bit more.  My sources tell me they are paying 200$ for a good bag of stinky hydro and 600$ for a qp of the same.  For mediocre stuff, you will get a quarter for 40$, Canadian money of course.

My guy down in Southern Florida is picking up his ounces for 50$.  However, he says as the weight rises, the prices get to be dirt cheap.  The shwagg is decent and bright green with “not an assload of seeds.”  The good stuff out on the treasure cost is going for between 50 and 60 an 1/8th and 180-210 a half. 

The kids in out in Mass. aren’t doing quite as good.  My info for that region is low, but from what I hear, you can get a nice 1/8th of dro for 45$ and up. 

Chi-town is still on the expensive end, charging 60 an 1/8 for decent shwagg and 180 a half for the same stuff.  If you want to go big and get an O, you’re looking at shelling out 300 clams. 

As for the rest of the nation and world, that is for the future.  If you want to see your area listed on this weekly report, send me an email at  All information is held in the strictest confidence and emails will be deleted as soon as they are received. 

Until next week then, same bud time, same bud channel.