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Published:July 6th, 2006 05:35 EST
Why superheroes aren't gay

Why superheroes aren't gay

By Garrett Godwin

What is a superhero? A superhero is the main character of a comic book, movie, or television show that has special powers they use to benefit for the good of humanity.  He or she can be flawed, human, different from us, and reluctant to become a hero for need of a normal life, but this protagonist learns that with great power comes greater responsibility.

So, what in the world leads people to believe that superheroes are gay?

One reason is because superheroes do not have romantic relationships, but strictly friendships with women, for example, Superman and Lois Lane.  Superman loves Lois Lane, who loves Superman, who is in fact is Clark Kent who loves Lois Lane. 


Superman has a double life: he is Clark Kent of the Daily Planet and the Man of Steel protecting Metropolis and the rest of the world fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way. 

Superheroes may not have romantic relationships with women because they have a job, which is defending those that can't defend for themselves.  The war between good and evil is never-ending.

Another example is the relationship between Batman and Robin.  The relationship between the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder is mixed between father-son/mentor-student.  They both have something in common-- losing their parents to a violent crime.  The Dynamic Duo train their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls to wage war against crime in Gotham City, making sure that whatever happened to them doesn't happen to anyone else ever again. 

Like Superman, the Dark Knight Detective has a dual identity: playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne who is the protector of the night known as Batman. 

Superheroes aren't gay, but guardians of the innocent as well as advocates of peace.  They fight to set the wrong things right in the name of justice.  They will not stop until evil is rooted out-- and all will be good in the world.