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Published:July 14th, 2006 06:03 EST
Hot New  Drama on Kenyan TV

Hot New Drama on Kenyan TV

By Juliet Maruru

Kenyans would fight to get to a place where there is a TV by 9.00 pm. There is one program that a Kenyan would hate to miss. Even teenagers love to watch it. Back in the 70’s it was just another boring program with the presenter droning on and on about economy or agriculture.

Today, this program features fascinating action figures and evil characters. Today’s episode promises to be more interesting than last night’s, with twisting plots and suspense that will keep the viewers hanging on the edge of their seat. It doesn’t matter which TV channel you are watching as long as it has this kind of a program lined up. You probably think that I’m raving about the newest soap opera or TV action drama. But I’m not. I’m just talking about the NEWS at NINE. Whether it is on KBC, the national TV broadcaster, KTN or NTV, the other main broadcasters in Kenya, news has become the hottest item on the program line up.

Kenyans watch international news with vague curiosity but perk up when local news is aired. After all, international news seems to be just about who is killing, threatening to kill or planning to defend himself from being killed. Well, everyone wants to know about a few other things like global warming, debt relief, free trade and the weather. But truth be told, it is much more fun watching a suspense filled drama that gets more interesting with each new day.

Take for instance the Artur Brothers Saga. Here’s how it started:

November 2005 was National referendum Day in Kenya. Previous to that was campaigning for and against the New Constitution. The camp supporting the constitution and led the President of Kenya, His Excellency Mr. Mwai Kibaki, identified themselves with bananas [oh yeah!]. The camp against the new constitution led by rogue politician Raila Odinga identified themselves with oranges [they ate them too!].

Anyway the oranges won. The Orange Democratic Movement then threatened to force the President out of office before the 2007 general election. A Banana boss spoke for the President [seemingly without permission] and threatened to jail the Orange bosses.

A few days later, The Standard Media Group Offices and paper printer were raided. Shock and outrage filled Kenyan hearts at the televised sight of Kenyan media professionals being harassed and equipment being destroyed by hooded mystery men.

The next day, Raila Odinga stated that the hooded men who raided the Standard offices were not special force police but mercenaries. He then went on to produce documents and witnesses who identified two of the men and their residence. The men were supposedly Czech citizens, no, Russian, well we finally settled on Armenian. They were identified as Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargysyan. We just call them the Artur Brothers a.k.a The Mercenaries.

Apparently, so we were told, the Artur Brothers were in Kenya to kill two politicians namely, Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga. The targeted media group supposedly had this information and was planning to publish it. The government thus sent the mercenaries to get the files containing the information. How can we not believe this when the Minister in Charge of Internal Security said in broad daylight on National TV that the Standard group was planning to publish information that was detrimental to National Security and had thus been raided to stop the action? But why in the whole world was Kalonzo Musyoka photographed just a few days earlier smiling in the company of the hired killers?

Anyway, we all got so mad with this piece of news that we went to the Runda residence of the Artur Brothers led by our very loud Member of Parliament, the esteemed honorable Rueben Ndolo. Our aim was to force him right out of Kenya. But huge guard dogs met us and the brothers watched and laughed as we all retreated back to our tiny little slums for the night. Some of us didn’t even get to see ourselves on TV. There was power blackout due to the drought, which limited power production that is mainly generated from dams on Kenya’s main rivers.

Then a few days later, we heard that the Artur Brothers owned a company whose directors included a certain Ms Winnie Mwai. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the lady shares a name with the President. Uproar filled the air, forcing the President to name all members of his family. There was no Ms Winnie Mwai on the list. But the insinuation had already been made.

Mr. President was so mad at this he ordered that a Commission be formed to investigate the Artur presence in the country. His words were barely out of his mouth when the Artur brothers supposedly attacked security officials at an International airport in the country. The Artur brothers were deported on a fast plane out of the country.

The next few days it turned out that the brothers otherwise known as mercenaries, had airport passes that were only accessible to high-ranking government officials. Then it turned out that the brothers were not deported to their home country, supposedly Armenia, but had traveled to Dubai on First Class. Learned friends spoke out asking why due process had not been followed, seeing that the Brothers had been deported without trial or a court order. [I know, it sounds weird to me too!]

I better be done with this, because I have to watch the next part of the drama. I’ll keep you posted. Well if you can’t wait for my review, check out for the previews.

Kwa Heri!