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Published:July 29th, 2006 11:19 EST
This is Your  KRAZY World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol. 19

This is Your KRAZY World Now - with Judyth Piazza Vol. 19

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I'm Judyth Piazza and this is your KRAZY world now...School Days Gone Bad...Viagra Gang Headed for a Long Stretch and a Crook Gets Fingered...all this and more brought to you by


America Gains a New Perspective - It's Time to Celebrate Horrorween
by Stephanie Lagopoulos

The idea to make the horror comedy film Horrorween came to Ed Meyer one day while at work. Meyer who owns Film Completion, a company based out of Santa Monica, California that oversees the production of films, TV series' and commercials, wanted to start work on a small film so that everyone at his company could have hands-on experience in all of the various facets of making a film from start to finish. Meyer, a Harvard grad, asked his staff to go away and brainstorm ideas for a new film. Almost immediately, the rights to the url were acquired, several actors were hired and this small movie, which was originally simply supposed to be a learning experience for Meyer's staff, became a media sensation seemingly overnight.

Horrorween, which does not begin filming until October 2006, is the story of two high school students Salvadore and Carmine Dementia, who while working on a High School Science project, create an inexpensive Computer Operating System and Internet Browser that does not crash. The high school project appears on the Evening News and the Dementia brothers become Dot-Com millionaires when a Hong Kong Computer Company decides to sell a black market version of Microsoft Windows called "Chindows". The Dementia family begins to flaunt their wealth by creating a mansion in place of their Long Island home and constructing a haunted house for Halloween. However, the Dementia's are known as the practical jokers of their neighborhood, so no one ever knows what to take seriously and what is a joke. "Chindows" begins to take off and everything starts to turn upside down. Throughout the rest of the film, the audience is left wondering who is trying to kill the family's patriarch Salvadore Sr. Is it the competing software companies? The Long Island Mafia? Or scheming Uncle Ralph Dementia?

Several well-known actors have jumped at the chance to work on the film. Salvadore Sr. is played by Chuck Lamb the "Dead Body Guy." Meyer saw Lamb on The Today Show playing dead and thought he would be perfect for the film and subsequently cast him immediately as the main character. Meyer stars as the CEO of Chindows, Mike Muscat is evil Uncle Ralph, "The Family Guy's" Hunter Gomez plays Carmine Dementia and "I Dream of Jeannie's" Bill Daily is Grandpa. George Clinton is creating the soundtrack and hopes to bring some younger stars into the mix as well. Our very own Judyth Piazza recently got cast as a journalist/radio show host, a job she happens to know a thing or two about.

Although Horrorween, which has been dubbed "Hollywood's Biggest Little Movie," is still a year and a half from being released, actors from across North America are banging on Ed Meyer's door for a shot at a part. Meyer's says that he has received between 50,000 and 60,000 pictures and resumes from people all wanting a part in this film that was initially planned as a simple educational experience.

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