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Published:October 12th, 2006 07:12 EST
11 Things Every Man Wants to be

11 Things Every Man Wants to be

By R.J. Smith

Interstellar Bounty Hunter

While it is true that bounty hunters do not usually get wookies, there are plenty of other perks to this job.  You get to fly through space at insane rates of speed hunting down strange alien criminals and bitch slapping Jedis.  Now tell me, in what other profession would you be allowed to bitch slap a Jedi?      

Evil Super Villain

We all know you get the castle and cool toys, as well as the ever popular laughing maniacally thing, but what I did not mention before is that you also get to be infamous.  If the great Chevy Chase taught us anything, it is that being infamous is ten times better than being famous. 

Super Bowl QB

You do not even have to be good, just have a decent defense.  Anyone can do this job, even a bag boy at your local supermarket.  Unlike the other positions listed here, you only have to do this once and you will be guaranteed pussy for life and free beers at nearly any bar you visit. 

Rock Star

Cocaine, fast women, and loud music; what more could any guy ask for?  Want free reign to set fire to motel rooms?  You got it.  M&M’s of only the blue variety?  Sure.  Do you like to stick bottles in the orifices of prostitutes?  Stick away.       


You will have your picture in banks everywhere under the much sought after “Wanted” heading.  Women will love you even though you do not love them and allow you to hide out in their houses for as long as it takes for the fuzz to stop looking for you.  You also get guns.  A lot of guns.   

Super Computer Hacker

You will be the god of the World Wide Web, ruler of all that is DOS, and champion of nerds everywhere.  No piece of electronic equipment is safe from your skills.  Also, if you are lucky, Halle Berry will show you her tits.   

Mob Boss

You get to “kneecap” people who disagree with you and eat pasta all day.  You also get to use cool phrases like “I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD!  I want his house burned to the GROUND!” 

General of a Big Ass Army

This position allows you the opportunity to say cool lines like “Everyone fights, no one quits.  If you quit, I’ll kill you myself.”  The heads of your enemies will grace poles outside your tent.  This is actually the only profession that allows you to do that without some liberal tree hugger somewhere getting all but hurt.   

Porn Star

I know, a lot of guys in the industry say this isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  Those guys are liars.  I mean, really, your job is to scrog hot chicks like the dirty sluts they are.  It is not like you are transporting heavy furniture.  Bonus: cheesy porn music follows you around everywhere you go. 


Sail the seven seas, call your enemies scurvy dogs, and get free music off the internet.  Did a wench diss you during your last inland raid?  Make that hooker walk the plank.  While the eye patch may be completely optional, the bottle of rum is not.  You also get a cool pirate name such as the Dread pirate Roberts, even if your name is not Roberts.    

Rogue Ninja

Choosing this career over the others means you get the coolest outfit.  Trust me, chicks go mad wild for a man in black.  You will get a vast array of weapons that can kill a man without so much as the sound of his body dropping.  Although this job does not allow for cool catch phrases, it is always better to do your killing in a silent manner.   

Rogue Pirate Ninja

This is the coolest profession of all time.  You get the coolest costume, the best catch phrases, and women at every port.  All of the perks from each profession is involved and none of the drawbacks.  Other pirates and ninjas will fear your mad skills.  Not even a Jedi master is a match for the prowess and drunken quietness of one who has reached the level of Rogue Pirate Ninja.