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Published:October 12th, 2006 06:23 EST
Extra ... Extra ... The Media Circus Is In Town.

Extra ... Extra ... The Media Circus Is In Town.



All I know is what I read on the Internet . . . Extra, Extra . . . The circus is in town-- the media circus that is. Or should I say the freak show? Never will you see a more contorted, odder cast of characters than at a good media blitz. And this week`s big story involves an animal, a vegetable, and a mineral that we are paying too much money for. Now don`t get me wrong, I myself, being a reporter, know that us media folks are not all to blame. After all, you have to read it before you believe it. But I will say that the media has more power than any politician. They are able to leap tall buildings in single bound, are more powerful than a locomotive, can start a war one day and ruin a career the other, and be back in time for the evening edition before you form your option.

But don`t be confused; not all media types are alike, no sir.

You got the newspaper where the pen is mightier than the sword " unless it was used in a crime.

With the TV news, it`s hash and re-hash... and re-hash.

And finally, there is the tabloid reporter. They keep a tab on all the untouchables we have in Hollywood; so much so, that when they get done with them no one wants to touch them anymore.

If it does not bleed it does not lead. I have worked in news for a few years, and I have suggested many a "good will" stories, and let me tell you, I was told that if I attach that story idea to myself and jump from the highest building that when I hit the bottom, then I just might have myself a story. Headline reads, "Man Saves Humanity But Falls to His Death Trying".

My plan: If you want to keep the press away from your event, then send them a press release and title it, NON-profit, " and subtitle it, "How to make people`s lives better". Then they, the press folk, will surely not attend. Then, pray you don`t have an accident at that event.