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Published:January 19th, 2007 15:08 EST
Will Says...Travels brought me to the biggest little city in the world!

Will Says...Travels brought me to the biggest little city in the world!

By Will Roberts

This week my travels brought me to Reno, Nevada. The biggest little city in the world! It’s little surprise to me how it can stay so small considering how much money goes through it.

Take for example, Washington, DC and how much money they have going through that city and look what they have done with it. Well, actually we often wonder what they do with it. In Reno, we pay for the magic and the lights. And in Washington, DC we pay for the smoke and mirrors.

It is not surprising that Reno has slot machines and   Washington, DC has the corporate machine. Reno says it has at least a 97% return on your gamble and Washington tells you straight out, if we start losing money ... we are going to have to keep yours. With interest!

Seems as though the Republicans think that California wants to get into this gambling thing as well. See, they think that Gov. Schwarzenegger idea has to get more GREEN in California is a bigger gamble than seeing a Democratic president anytime soon.

However, with as much snow that has hit the ground in Southern Ca. this week, Schwarzenegger may have a hard time keeping California GREEN when it is covered in white.

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