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Published:February 8th, 2007 10:02 EST
Which came first, The Frog or the Prince?

Which came first, The Frog or the Prince?

By Will Roberts

Usually the mailperson, (Politically Correct for Mailman) gets the points for the person immune to the rain, sleet and snow. However, watching Sunday nights half time performance of Prince at the Super Bowl made me think that perhaps Prince should have run the ball for the Bears.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an Illinois boy and have waited for years for the Chicago Cubs to take a victory. So when the Bears were in line for a super bowl ring, I thought this may be the start of a Chicago come back. Bears, Obama, maybe even the CUBS. But, Sunday night, the Bears first let the rain beat them. . . then they let the Colts do it.  

The Bears could have learned a little from Prince’s half-time show. Anything short of a natural disaster would not have affected Prince.   

As I watched Prince I sat in amazement as I realized half way through his performance that he was singing in the POURING rain.  Not even Gene Kelly could dance in and out of the raindrops like Prince did.

I'm pretty convinced that he probably didn't even get wet! His energy and focus was so intense that the rain most likely dried before it hit his silk shirt. He played the audience not the rain. Meanwhile, the Bears had their own show going on in the second act called “Chicago Bears on Ice”.  But when you think about it Bears, in general, hide from the rain. Where-as, Colts will run great in the rain and a frog will live easily in the rain, until it's kissed and turns into a Prince.  


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