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Published:March 7th, 2007 08:06 EST
When Your Chance to be Heard Comes, Will You Take It?

When Your Chance to be Heard Comes, Will You Take It?

By Natassia Donohue

It is my greatest fear that one-day, years from now, our children and grandchildren will know nothing but to hate and to be hated. They will have grown up in a nation where democracy and freedom mean taking one person's word for the bottom line, and being confused and herded by jargon speaking robotic "politicians." Relations with other countries will be nonexistent, and the vibrant cultures that once made our own nation a melting pot, enriching to the soul, will no longer be accessible.

Fear will live in their hearts, the daily life of the future will consist of toiling away at an underpaid job to afford an outrageous cost of living, and health care and education have become amenities for the privileged. I fear that the climax will be an Apocalyptic and that noble scholars will in fact, look down upon the ruins of humanity, and grimace because their education had, in fact, told them it would happen. Yes, yes, it is all very melodramatic in dreams, but is it really any other way in reality? Are we not losing thousands of American lives everyday fighting a faceless enemy, whom many are confused of even what the name is supposed to be? For years, have we not been cultivating a society in which we make assumptions about other nationalities, other races simply because they are different? Have we not publicly exploited our hypocrisy in fighting for freedom and peace with war, with violence, torture, and hate? As citizens of a nation that is renowned for its dedication to preserve human rights and liberty, how can we, in good conscience, be so ignorant to that which contradicts the values that we are taught from the moment we step foot inside of a school?

I cannot, which is why on March 17, I will be on a bus to Washington, instead of worrying about how drunk I will get (which I could do any other weekend, just like everyone else). I will be protesting with other concerned citizens at an anti-war rally scheduled at the Constitution Gardens and the Pentagon to SHOW Washington, not tell them, just how we feel.

Words cannot even describe how excited and relieved I am to be able to participate in this event; this is taking part in the United States government. It is standing up for what I believe in, and being supported and supporting others who feel the same. It is taking the steps to take back the country, making it belong to the people, the ones who work so hard to sustain it. Letting my voice be heard is bringing change, because I am one more person who has finally had enough of settling for something that just isn't good enough anymore.

My beginning has come; my chance to publicly say no has arrived, and I intend on using every second of it.

To the masses who feel similar unrest: you can be heard too.

Take every chance you get.