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Published:March 8th, 2007 02:49 EST
Should Ann Coulter Be Burned at the Stake?

Should Ann Coulter Be Burned at the Stake?

By John Lillpop

Does anyone in the PC-muddled world really appreciate the satirical genesis behind Ann Coulter's "inappropriate" remark?

Does the name Isaiah Washington ring a bell?

Washington is a star of the television hit show "Grey's Anatomy," who called fellow actor T.R. Knight the "F" word.

As a result of that PC violation, Washington nearly lost his career. In fact, the beleaguered actor actually checked into rehab to seek treatment in order to quell the uproar.

Can you imagine? Use of an "offensive" word is of such gravity these days that one is compelled to enter rehabilitation, like an alcoholic or drug addict?

For uttering one word which, in abbreviated form, used to mean cigarette?

Mind you, Washington's sin did not involve any of the seven "dirty" words forbidden from use on U.S. airwaves by the FCC.

Alas, Ann Coulter was obviously referring to the entirely inappropriate, politically correct nonsense that Isaiah Washington stirred up when he used the "F" word.

As a brilliant satirist who delights in pummeling liberals at every turn, Ms. Coulter dropped a line that sailed way over the heads of her conservative audience and the mainstream media.

Above all else, it was a joke and NOT an "outing."

There will be no "film at 11," and with the exception of 3,823 empty tubes of Breck discovered on John Edwards' multi-million dollar estate, Coulter has no corroborating evidence to share.

So, please, put away the kindling wood and gasoline.

Burning Ann Coulter at the stake, while it would be great fun for liberals and the media, is neither necessary nor "appropriate."