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Published:March 31st, 2007 08:19 EST
Hail Be Unto Cesar!   Chavez, That Is.

Hail Be Unto Cesar! Chavez, That Is.

By John Lillpop

Hail Be Unto Cesar! Chavez, That Is.

By John W. Lillpop

March 31 is the birthday of one of the fiercest foes of illegal immigration in California history.

Unlike retarded Democrats in modern times, this man understood that invading illegal aliens would suppress wages and diminish the standard of living for all working class people.

The late Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American labor activist whose life California has seen fit to memorialize with a state holiday. Several city governments in California have followed the lead of the state, and also go dark on Chavez's birthday.

As a conservative, I would normally object to an expensive holiday for a non-essential and marginal figure like Chavez.

But given the fact that California's state and city governments are infested with liberals intent on raising taxes and lowering freedoms, keeping government workers out of their offices as often as possible is very much in the public interest.

In fact, state holidays are California's greatest hope for balancing the budget and restoring responsible governance! We need as many as possible.

Of course, there are negative side effects to Cesar Chavez Day as well.

Example: Hundreds of Latino students, including illegal aliens, stormed out of their California classrooms on Friday and took to the streets to make their "demands" known.

Their demands are what? That illegal aliens be granted full citizenship rights, and that a national Cesar Chavez holiday be established.

Mind you, many of those out on the streets are the same dullards who will be unable to pass California's exit exam in order to graduate high school.

But learning basic English and math skills is obviously less important than marching to demand uncivil rights for invading criminals and a national holiday to honor a grape picker!

So, how do you say "Hail Be Unto Cesar!" in Mexican?