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Published:April 29th, 2007 05:58 EST
Is the Best America Can Do (Pinky) Reid?

Is the Best America Can Do (Pinky) Reid?

By John Lillpop

In his youth, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) went by the nickname "pinky."

Come to think of it, "Pinky" seems a perfect moniker for a bloke whose anti-American credentials include shepherding a Bill of Surrender through the U.S. Senate in order to implement the Iraq "cut and run" strategy.

Fraudulently called a war funding bill, Pinky's legislative triumph is eliciting a tsunami of "Praise Be To Allah!" exaltations from Islamofascists all over the globe.

Who would have imagined that a Mormon and former pugilist could be such a smashing hit with the Jihad movement?

From sleeper cells in Detroit, Michigan to luxury caves in Afghanistan, things have not been this exciting for terrorists since 9/11 itself!

Even the leftist "dean" of American journalists, David Broder himself, has concluded that Senator Reid is a "bumbling embarrassment."


Some believe that Broder went overboard when he called Reid the "Democrats' Gonzales."

Perhaps so, but comparing Reid to the inept Attorney General/Top Bandito in the Bush administration is only slightly off the mark.

Broder would have been "spot on" had he compared Reid to the really inept top bandito in Washington: W himself.

Still, Reid has not always been as adamantly opposed to the troop surge as is the case in April 2007.

As recently as last December, Reid expressed support for a "temporary" surge on ABC's "This Week."

Reid's statement in December begs the question: Was the war "lost" as of last December?

If not, what has changed so dramatically in four months?

On the other hand, if Senator Reid was convinced in December that the war was "lost," why did he support a troop surge, temporary or otherwise?

Is Reid simply a crass political opportunist whose core beliefs are subject to tweaking as dictated by anti-war nut cases in the Democrat party?

There was a time, a mere three years ago, when Pinky seemed fairly grounded on the Iraq war.

Specifically, in the April 4, 2005 edition of the Daily Utah Chronicle (, Reid is quoted as having said, in part:

"Iraq is changing. It's a long, slow process. We're there, and it would be a disaster for decades to come for us to just walk out of there."

Still, give the man credit. He is, if nothing else, consistently inconsistent!

Pinky Reid: Surely America can do better!