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Published:May 11th, 2007 07:30 EST
Create a Commercial Advertising Your Life

Create a Commercial Advertising Your Life

By Carolee Kaufold

What if your life had commercial breaks? When you are watching a sitcom or a drama, do you ever think, "I wish my life took commercial breaks?" A time out or a change of subject may help. If your life takes a turn for the worse, or if you feel hopeless, maybe you need a station break.

When we are having a good old time, we don't want to see that commercial break. If the dramas we are living are spell binding, we dread that commercial.  Ask yourself, What kind of commercials would be applicable to my life-- diapers, new cars, potato chips? Or, perhaps a commercial about an exotic cruise, new clothes or new sports car more suites you.  The community church, drug counseling, the YMCA may be characteristic of your life. What do you need? What do you want?

One day your life is going along great, so your commercial will be life fulfilling. When your life is in the dumps, your commercial will be filled with hope and courage. Do you take the advice of commercials? Do you run out and buy the new diapers, the new food sensation or the department store sale items? Do you feel that if you drive that car, or take that vacation your life will be better? When you see your favorite TV or movie star using a product, do you think you need it to be hip? Do you need to call the 800 Help Line for whatever is breaking your heart?  

Maybe we should have commercials in our lives, one to lead us to the right advice and one to give us joy. One to tell us what is missing in our lives; one commercial to make our lives brighter.

You may even want to make a commercial telling folks about what you have to share. Or, how about one that tells viewers how they can live an enriched life?

We all have within us a tremendous capacity to change the lives of others. We can do it by example. We can live our lives doing the right things. Not by shouting, but by whispering. By letting our friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances see something in us that is touched by God. You don't have to hit anyone on the head, or scream in their ear. You just have to touch their heart and soul.

You don't need me to tell you what to do. Most of you can tell me. You have it in yourself to make a difference. You have always known how.

There is something in your very being that is generous. You are capable of being gracious and sharing. You are a true example of hope and happiness. You can teach strength and endurance. You are your own commercial. And the best thing of all is that no one needs to buy, pay or give up anything. There is so much for them to learn from your having touched their lives.

So, do our lives need commercial breaks? Yes! We are the product and that product is pretty darn special.

Just for fun, write a commercial about yourself. Include all that is right in your life. Tell yourself what you have given of yourself. Advertise the fact that you have made a difference in the lives of all who know you. Keep this ad in your top drawer.

Whenever you feel sad, lonely or just need a boost, take out the ad and read it aloud. Don't be embarrassed. The only one who will hear it is you.  Remember, you are your own best commercial advertisement.