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Published:May 20th, 2007 05:36 EST
Men Make Marvelous Moments Memorable; Life Lovelier

Men Make Marvelous Moments Memorable; Life Lovelier

By Carolee Kaufold

Men.  Most of them are wonderful.  I like men.  Most of my best friends are men.  I am the mother of 4 grown men, grandmother of 5 boys and married to one for 42 years.  Here is my salute to those special guys in your life.  The ones we know and love.  He can be your husband, boyfriend, your dad or your brother. You know who I am talking about.  He can be wearing a blue collar, a shirt and tie or a uniform.  He can be a teacher, a truck driver or retired.  He can be tall, bald, have a beard and have brown eyes.  He can have a contagious laugh and a twinkle in his eye.  He can take your breath away.

The men we know are happy to come home to beef stew, kids bikes in the driveway and the newspaper already read.  Our men will hand over their pay checks and just ask for a little back.  Our men will say grace at the table, carve the turkey and clear the table.  Our men change their own oil, coach ball games and install programs on the computer.  Our men carry baby pictures and wedding pictures in their wallet.

They love their family and will protect them from harm.  They will reheat their dinner if they are late for dinner, and will start the coffee in the morning.  They will go out on a cold night for baby diapers.  They will stand in line for tickets to see the newest kiddie movie.  They will climb on the roof for the kittens.

The men we know haven't had a new suit in years; but, they insist you buy a new dress for church.  They would rather go to McDonald's, but they take you to the new, trendy restaurant in town.

If your child is in a school program, he gives up the play-offs to attend.  He drives in the rain to pick them up from school so you don't have to leave the house when you have a cold.

Our men are funny, bright and true to themselves.  They have been generous in their giving of their time, money and effort.  They will mow a neighbor’s yard after her husband has a heart attack.  They will feed the cats for his son and his roommates when they go on a cruise.  He will pick-up his daughter from a party so she will be safe on the way home.

He won't think twice when asked if he would like a romantic evening.  He will put on your favorite after shave and light candles.  He will even drive the kids to grandma’s.

The men in our lives leave the best part of the roast beef for us.  They get the mail on hot days so you don't have to drive the golf cart in the heat.  He will surprise you with "take out" on PMS days. He takes the kids to the park on his day off so you can have a minute alone.

He carries in the heavy bags from the supermarket.  He even makes sure you have a full tank of gas at the beginning of the week.  He will run the vacuum when unexpected company calls from down the road.  When his family surprises you with a wonderful gift, he is so happy for you.

He supports you in things that make you a better woman.  He quietly sits on the side and lets you receive credit for being a great mom, wife, daughter or sister.  Even though it was his advice, support and cheering that got you there.

He will wait for you while you make a compassionate phone call or visit to a sick friend because he believes you are better than he is with words.  He trusts you to have a cool head and warm heart to help soften a sorrow; when his eyes brim with tears, you know he is hurting and a hug will help him.  No words need to be spoken.  You can communicate to each other with just a look.

What is it about him that you love?  His laugh, his eyes, his honesty, or the fact he was what you have been waiting for all your life.  I am a big believer in chemistry.  When the butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach, and the goose pimples rose on my arms, I knew this was the man I wanted to share my life with.

Now it is your turn to give your big guy a hug.  Why?  It is because you are the luckiest girl in the world.  Then write to me and tell me what makes him "your kind of guy."  Be sure to give him a copy.  He can never hear "I love you" too many times.

These past few weeks we have heard how deceitful men can be.  One phrase I hate is "boys will be boys."  I think a lot of the time, men get a bad rap.  We read and hear about the crummy ones.  The good ones are the real heroes.  They stand head and shoulders above the average news maker.  I believe in the goodness of men.

I think God made Adam first so Eve could appreciate him.