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Published:June 21st, 2007 17:02 EST
The Sound Of One Man Yapping

The Sound Of One Man Yapping

By Sean Stubblefield

The best thing about the internets, is that it enables a vast multitude of individuals to express their ideas.

The worst thing about the internets, is that it enables a vast multitude of individuals to express their ideas.

Blogs, Vlogs, Youtube, Myspace, message boards, citizen journalism, fan sites.

90% of anything is crap, and the internets are no exception.

With so much information from so many people talking-- primarily about themselves, it becomes a kind of white noise, a cacophony of voices.

Anyone and everyone with internet access can put themselves on display, in a cathartic narcissism one might achieve with the captive audience provided by a therapist or a diary or a dog. They aren`t interested in dialogue or conversation, but merely to have their say. Even if only to the void.

For most of them, it doesn`t matter if they have anything to say or if anyone is listening, or if anyone cares. What is important to these talking-head " kind of people is that they talk about themselves and what they think and feel and do. Their point isn`t to make a point, it is to make a statement.

Many are essentially exhibitionists, motivated by vanity and ego; they love the sound of their own voice, being the center of attention and the thrill of seeing their name in lights . Their attitude resembles an attention starved child: Look at me! ". Which is ultimately a plea of love me! "

Because, to know them is to love them.

I`m not referring to individuals who genuinely seek to engage their creative initiative, but those who just talk for the sake of talking. Insecurity is found in their silence.

These people want confirmation, validation & affirmation of their existence. By exposing themselves, putting themselves out there in public, they are made to seem real or significant at least in the projection or imprint of themselves into the world, and at most in being noticed and witnessed by others. It is the equivalent of scratching I was here " on a wall. Tangible proof giving an impression that they were real, substantive " at least in their own minds.

Many are simply lonely, alone, with no one to talk to or with, no one to hear or listen to them, or no one to care about them and their opinions. The internets are the only outlet, forum or platform they have to connect them to the world, to other people. These people want to belong and participate " this interaction-- however superficial or one sided-- makes them feel relevant, included.

What this expositioning reveals to me is a cultural neuroses and psychological phenomenon, born of a necessity in which people are ultimately saying, I exist ". In a society where the majority of us experience our world through electronic media, very many people are isolated and alienated by technology. The internets has created a dichotomy of falsity between the actual and cyber worlds-- or at least the impression of a disparity. Ironically, the internets have separated them from each other and the real world, dehumanizing them, so they are using that same mechanism to reconnect and manifest themselves as real individuals, to be acknowledged as such.

The negative result of this unfettered self-expression is an abundance of inane chatter cluttering up the internets, as well as a lack of regard for editorial and academic standards. Artistry, form and substance are commonly ignored in the pursuit of speaking one`s mind in a vomit of words. Anyone is free to say whatever they want, without self-censure-- no matter how sloppy, incoherent, vacuous, uninformed, stupid, banal or false.