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Published:June 28th, 2007 10:01 EST
Angel and Charmed: Pick a side, good or evil

Angel and Charmed: Pick a side, good or evil

By Garrett Godwin

Both Angel and Charmed explored the world of the supernatural, but they also explored fighting the good fight-- as well as the war between good and evil.

The last few episodes of Angel`s fourth season brought the introduction of Jasmine (Gina Torres), the full-grown daughter of Angel`s son Connor and Cordelia.  Outside, she is salvation for the City of Angels, bringing peace and order everywhere to the world.  A goddess among everyone, her mission to bring utopia comes with a price.

For years, the Charmed Ones have been the most powerful good witches ever, battling evil and saving innocents.  But in Charmed`s seventh season, the Halliwell sisters and their Whitelighter/Piper`s husband Leo are battle weary, disillusioned, and tired.  So, enter the mysterious Avatars, who said they`re neither good nor evil.  They offered them an opportunity to put an end to the struggle once and for all: a world without good and evil-- known as utopia.  The Halliwell family accepted the offer, but as always, for every action, there are consequences.

The goddess Jasmine and the Avatars offered humanity utopia, but their motives weren`t exactly noble.  If anyone goes against utopia, they`ll be dealt with -- permanently.  So, in the end, hundreds will be sacrifice so that billions can be save.  The question is: do the ends justify the means?  The answer is no.

Like one of the Avatars said to Leo, in Charmed: without good, there is no evil.  That has always been, and always will be.

Living a world without good and evil can be tempting and does have its perks: no crime, no conflicts, no chaos, no problems.  Just people living in harmony with one another.  But there is always a price: losing your free will and the right to choose.  Because that comes right down to it in the war between good and evil: choice. 

Angel, the vampire with a soul, was right about one thing: our fate, our destiny, and our lives has to be our own, or else we`re nothing.

What we do can save the world or destroy it -- along with everything and everyone else, including us.

The war between good and evil is important, and like or not, we`re all part of it as soldiers.  Because under good and evil, said Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell, people knew what they were dying for, what they were fighting for, and what they living for.

The world we live in isn`t perfect, but neither are we.  But we can still  do something about it, as well as make a difference in the world and the lives of people around us.  And though the war between good and evil is neverending, we`re tempted to throw in the towel and quit, but we shouldn`t.  We have to keep fighting, because like Angel said, all that matters is what we do.  And though we may never win, that shouldn`t matter, because it is all about what you stand for and what you believe in.

But the choice is up to you.  It is time to decide what side you`re on: good or evil.  Remember, it isn`t just your life on the line, but your soul... so choose wisely.