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Published:July 1st, 2007 06:27 EST
Perspective of Angel's Fourth Season

Perspective of Angel's Fourth Season

By Garrett Godwin

The End of Days came in season four of Angel." However, that was not the only thing that came." Season four brought the return of Angel`s evil alter ego, Angelus.

Though Angel (David Boreanaz)"has his soul, he is still haunted by the evil he has done as Angelus, who will always remain a part of him." In other words, though Angel is good, Angelus is evil, meaning evil will always remain within him -- just like evil will remain not only in the world, but also within us."

The episode "Orpheus" features the long-awaited battle between Angel and Angelus, showing that Angel explores the war of good and evil not just externally, but truly internally because of the vampire`s constantly struggle to resist his dark side."

We`re capable of doing good, but we`re also capable of doing evil-- because we`re dealing with an ongoing battle that continues to go on everyday of our lives." We must face it and fight it because this is the real battlefield -- a real war." The real battle doesn`t just"come from out there in the world, but within each of us." What we do affects not only our lives, but also the lives of the people around us -- and possibly one day, the world.

"The world doesn`t work in spite of evil", states late Holland Manners of Wolfram & Hart to Angel in season two`s "Reprise"." "It works with us." It works because of us."