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Published:July 4th, 2007 02:58 EST
Why Don't People Appreciate?

Why Don't People Appreciate?

By Sarah Schwarz

Some people don`t really appreciate what they have until it is gone.  Like, what if you and your mother lost contact over a ridiculous argument, you get a call late in night and they tell you your mother just died in a car accident.  Then you really feel how much she meant to you.

Or what if you had just got done getting into an argument with one of your best friends, and you finally come to your senses that what you were arguing about was nothing.  You try to make up with your best friend, but they don`t want anything to do with you.  Then you really feel how much they were there for you and how much you cared for them when they aren`t there for you anymore.

When you were little you had a wealthy life; your parents gave you everything you wanted, and you loved life.  As you get older you are so used to that you think that people are just going to hand you things when you ask.  Then life really hits you that you need to get it together.  You get upset when you don`t make that much money on your first job.  Then you go to a homeless shelter and you really see that you should be happy for what you have.

We should all be thankful for what we have and not take it for granted.  Just because we don`t have the latest pair of jeans or cell phone doesn`t mean we are lower than anybody else.  Some people work really hard for those new pair of jeans or a new cell phone and others are just "lucky" and get it handed to them.  In the end though, the real people are those who work for what they want and appreciate what they have and the people around them.

Yes, your family and friends might make you really mad sometimes but just think what it would be like without them in your life.