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Published:July 5th, 2007 07:04 EST
Problem with the Menu

Problem with the Menu

By Subash Lamichhane

It was last summer when we had finished our exams of high school and were having vacation until the school was going to open again. One of my close friends from the school asked me to visit him so that we could go to visit and have lunch. After visiting we went to a café.

My friend said that we were going to try the specialty of this restaurant. So, the waiter arrived with menu. He asked us to choose the food that we wanted, but we asked him what was the special food that is found in this restaurant. His answer was “steak.”  So, we asked him to bring steak for two of us.

There were many tourist in that café. Kathmandu is always full of tourist, especially the Thamel Area. There were three tourists sitting at next table who we could see. The waiter got them something that looked dark brownish with some white cream like on it. We thought they were having hot chocolates as it was making a sound. They were enjoying their food so much.

The other waiter came by with the same kind of food and the sound was the same. We thought. Oh, steak was like chocolate, but we were astonished when the waiter said, “Are you really going to try it?”

We said, “Why? Is something wrong?”

The waiter whispered to us that it is cow’s meat. What? We were so amazed. Why didn’t the previous waiter tell us that steak is food made of cow’s meat? I am a kind of vegetarian and I do not take meat. But, my friend was much surprised when he knew that the special food of this restaurant was steak.

Cow is the holy animal for all of Hindus, and it is also the national animal of Nepal. In Nepal, killing cow was considered as big crime by the previous constitution, and there have been many people who have been jailed for killing cow.

The hotels get the cow’s meat from India. We pray cow here and the religion says that she is a form of goddess Laxmi. She is also like mother as she feeds us with her milk. Having to grow up with these morals, there was no way we could break the law that society and the religion has chained us with.

The waiter was insisting us to try. He said he also have tried; so, my friend said, “If my parent know that I have taken cow’s meat, it is not going to be good.”

As for me, I couldn’t try it because I am vegetarian.

At last having discussion with the waiter, the café owner came. He pointed the waiter, “You should have explained about it before.“

He asked to take those steaks away and asked us if we liked to have burger or something else. So we asked burger.

It was a good day that taught us a food item from the menu. It is good to learn more information about that food you see in menu before you order it.