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Published:August 31st, 2007 01:08 EST
You Can't Tell Us Anything! Teens

You Can't Tell Us Anything! Teens

By Sarah Schwarz


Why does it seem like the only thing guys know how to do is mess with a girl`s head? I just have, overall, really bad problems with guys. I think most girls do, but every once in a while a girl gets lucky and finds a really good guy. And there are even those guys who have problems with getting the "right girl."

I don`t think we young people really know what a relationship is. We cry, scream, yell, break down when our boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with us. But we really don`t know what it means to really like somebody or be "in love"... but we might think we do.

Most of the teens these days base their relationship on how far they will go. I think you know what I`m talking about-- sex. Statistics show that the youngest age now for kids to start having sex is thirteen! That is crazy. From what I see in my high school and the people around me, what they mostly talk and think about is sex, and drugs even. I don`t think it is going to change, either.

We all have the "sex talk" at school... well, it really isn`t a "sex talk," it is more like just being told, "Don`t have sex."  Don`t older people understand that when you tell a young person not to do something they are going to do it anyway, whether you like it or not? When a teen wants to do something-- no matter if they are against it or for it-- they are going to do it anyway. That even goes for people who aren`t in their teens, with any human being, when they really want to do something they are going to do it!

Why tell kids these days not to have sex? We should talk about safe sex, and life and how to deal with things. Teens really do get stressed easily with school, family, friends and drama, drama, drama. That is another thing-- school isn`t all about learning anymore. It is 75% drama, and the other 25% is school work. If you tell kids not to bully, don`t think they`ll listen, because they won`t. Walk down a hallway in any high school and the main thing you will hear is kids getting made fun of and major drama. 

I think that nobody can stop any of this: the sex, drugs, bullies, anything like that. When someone has made up their mind that they are going to do something, they are going to do it. Despite what anyone tells them.