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Published:October 28th, 2007 04:55 EST
The Isolation of Bill Gates

The Isolation of Bill Gates


A well-known figure in today`s society who appears to enjoy being isolated from the rest of his civilization would be the prominent Bill Gates.

As most dignified human-beings know, Bill Gates is the creator of Microsoft and a multi-BILLIONARE! He does not enjoy boasting about his large sums of cash or that he donates huge chunks of that to needy causes! 

If the normal person or celebrity donated millions of dollars, he or she would instinctively want to turn the spotlight on themselves and bask in the praise.  Bill Gates tries to make it as unknown as possible!  What a modest celebrity! 

Our modern culture would DIE to find out about Bill Gates` house, family and other parts of his personal life.  He performs any astounding task of protecting and shielding his family from the outside world influenced by our culture that shuns pure moral values and strong positive virtues. 

If Bill Gates didn`t guard his family from the press, his family would turn out to be celebrities of their own.  Normally people idolize celebrities and would do anything in their power to become one of them but Bill Gates realizes the consequences of being famous: paparazzi following you around, criticizing your every decision and he doesn`t want this hardship to be portrayed on his wife and children. 

Bill Gates has isolated himself from our society and he believes it is the best thing for the world and so do I. I am unflinching in my opinion that Bill Gates NEEDS to be isolated to be protected from us, ordinary citizens with wandering eyes and minds wanting to find out about his personal life for our own benefit.

How demeaning to ponder that WE are the reason for his necessary isolation! I believe that Bill Gates in an astoundingly smart man who needs isolation.