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Published:November 22nd, 2007 04:19 EST
Caution: Was Your Holiday Turkey Made in China?

Caution: Was Your Holiday Turkey Made in China?

By John Lillpop

It is scandalous enough that George W. Bush has refused to secure America`s borders and enforce U.S. immigration laws during time of war, said malfeasance leading to millions of illegal aliens stealing public services from American taxpayers and hastening the decline of the world`s sole superpower into a third world abyss.

Of equal outrage is the fact that this administration also refuses to protect the American people from tainted and dangerous products imported from China. This further abdication of constitutional responsibility should seal Bush`s legacy as the "worst President" in U.S. history.

Because of Bush`s neglect, the American people have been victimized by tainted foods, dangerous toys, fake drugs, poison-coated fish and cosmetics, pesticide-laden mushrooms, toothpaste, bad pet food and other downright hazardous products imported from China.

While federal bureaucrats look the other way when it comes to invading criminals from Mexico and health/ life threatening products from China, state and local jurisdictions forge ahead with rules and regulations that could result in the fascist Nannyfication of America.

Example: New York city bureaucrats now aggressively regulate trans fats and other dangerous products in fast foods.

Yet your federal government, after amassing $9,000,000,000 (nine trillion) in debt, cannot protect America`s children from toys or jewelry containing lead, which can lead to learning and behavioral problems and even, at high levels, death. Said toys imported from China.

Another example: Leftist nut cases in the San Francisco Bay Area now employ "butt police" to enforce non-smoking laws in one`s car, and even on private property.

But no one in government seems to give a damn about the harm that bad toothpaste from China can cause.

How is it that our elected officials are obsessed with the tiniest details when it comes to individual choices and private behavior, while at the same time ignoring the toxic products that come to America from abroad?

Does the term "Paid in China" ring a bell?