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Published:February 7th, 2008 05:11 EST
Bacon Freak Introduces You To The Bacon Martini!

Bacon Freak Introduces You To The Bacon Martini!

By Rocco Loosbrock

            It was simply a matter of time before logic and understand came abruptly together at the intersection of innovation and satisfaction and the Bacon Martini was born. Here is that perfect balance that so many unfulfilled souls have been seeking out so very long, between the often exclusionary conceptual worlds of impressive, class and sophistication and what can only be referred to as relaxed, down home comfort when it comes to enjoying a drink while out on the town with friends, peers, or business associates.

          With bacon being such a widely and wildly popular obsession within our society, what`s so very surprising is NOT " the fact that someone finally dared to make the dream come true, to the collective applause of the rest of the waiting world, as that action seemed totally inevitable. No, what is so darned   surprising is the fact that the Bacon Martini; as strange as it might originally sound to anyone besides a truly committed Bacon Freak, " actually tastes quite delicious and is a very satisfying beverage on a number of levels.

          Yes it tastes great, a little bit saltier than the traditional, classic gin martini that so many have come to love an adore, but like a fine wine, it has numerous layers of complementary complexity as well as a couple well defined and distinguishable after tastes, which is quite rare when it comes to beverages outside of the realm of wines, and especially so when one considers the fairly simple recipe that most bartenders tend to come pretty dang close to mostly agreeing upon.

          If you`re paying attention, then you just picked up on a very important clue. You see, with the relative newness " of the Bacon Martini, there has yet to be an absolute standard developed and agreed upon by bartenders across the globe and so there are still very interesting and tasty innovations and experiments being carried out by Master Mixologists" all over the planet.

          Now, as this cocktail is quite definitely something very different from the usual fare that is served up at most bars and fine restaurants, it is only reasonable to assume that with some, it   might prove to be a bit of an acquired taste. This means it`s one of those rare drinks where the third sip will actually most likely taste more delectably delightful to unprepared taste buds of the previously uninitiated, very much similar to one`s first puff of a fine cigar, or ... well, as a matter of fact, most people`s first sip of an regular martini!

          What`s it like you ask? Let me tell you. If you`ve ever had a vodka martini, shaken not stirred, then imagine that flavor but now add a slightly spicy and salty bacon essence, and you are pretty much on your way to getting a feel of what to expect. It`s obviously saltier than a normal martini and it has a bit of tangy heat " in both the original flavor and lingering aftertaste.

          What exactly is in it you ask? Well, as I mentioned before, that`s a bit trickier of a question, because there is still a quite a bit of experimental innovation and territory marking " debate going  on with regards to the perfect " or proper recipe. Also, with all the uncertainty as to who`s right and who invented what combination, many creative bartenders tend to want to hold their hand close to their chest and avoid revealing the precise particulars of their personal, mystical magic of the most mysterious, mixology methods.

          Here`s what I can tell you. According to a reasonable majority of bartenders willing to talk to us, the basics go something like this. It all starts with placing 3 to 5 slices of medium-well cooked gourmet bacon in a decanter, jar or large-mouthed bottle of vodka for 48 to 72 hours. Now here is where the first controversy is going to begin, as any purist will tell you that the literal definition " of a martini means you use gin, not vodka. They`re literally " correct but this martini tastes much better with vodka, so let`s just move on from that point.

          The bacon should be cooked well enough to stand up straight when held from the bottom by one`s forefinger and thumb, but not too crispy, or you will loose out on your ability to properly infuse the vodka with its "bacony" goodness! When ready, mix 3 ounces of good vodka in a cocktail shaker, with ½ ounce vermouth, a dash of Tabasco sauce and a dash olive juice. Shake well and strain the mixture into cocktail glass. Then simply garnish the drink with a slice of freshly cooked bacon and serve.

          It`s actually so simple to make, one would be wise to do so at home and smartly spare their pocket-book the $7.00 to $12.00 dollar expense, plus tip, depending on the location of your local watering-hole. " As a matter of fact, Seher Basak, the master mixologist who in our opinion, has totally perfected the Bacon Martini " has just agreed to come share her special, secret recipe with our loyal members in the very near future, so we now have that valuable expert mixing advise to look forward to. More on that as the scheduling details solidify. Cheers!

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