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Published:April 9th, 2008 09:52 EST
Have you heard the one about flashing your headlights?

Have you heard the one about flashing your headlights?

By SOP newswire

Dear family and friends of the SOP,

Thank you for your emails.  We are hip to this hoax and want you to be, too.  Reference email is printed below.*

Please see reliable entry, "Lights Out!"

If memory serves, this was circulated in Chicago some years back.  We are fairly certain we won't be hearing of related shootings; in the meantime, we won't flash our headlights, OK?

Thank you for looking out for us-- really.

The Student Operated Press Editorial Staff

Email follows:

From: Cliff Schroeder/IRMH
Date: 04/09/2008 09:57AM
Subject: Safety alert from Miami Dade law enforcement

The attached notice is being passed through national law enforcement channels as a warning of a new "Blood" gang initiation tactic.  We have verified it's authenticity through the IRCSO and Miami Dade County.

New "Blood" gang members across the nation are being told to cruise on Friday and Saturday nights with their vehicle head lights turned off.  The first motorist who courtesy flashes their lights to alert them of the safety issue then becomes their "target".  The gang member is required to chase down the vehicle and kill all occupants of the car as part of their initiation ritual.  They have also been known to drive with their high beams on and use the sam e tactic.

Law enforcement is asking that you alert friends and family of this tactic.  Please be safe!

Thank you,

Cliff Schroeder, CHFM
Director, Facility Services & Safety
Indian River Medical Center, 1000 36th Street
Vero Beach, FL  32960

772-567-4311, ext. 1025
772-770-4946 FAX

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