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Published:April 10th, 2008 17:34 EST
Indonesian Masseuses Forced To Padlock Their Pants

Indonesian Masseuses Forced To Padlock Their Pants

By Robert Paul Reyes

Massage parlors in an Indonesian town are asking their female masseuses to padlock their skirts and pants to make it clear that sex is not on offer. But the move has been protested by the women's affairs minister of Indonesia, where massage parlors are often a front for prostitution.

"It is not the right way to prevent promiscuity," Meutia Swasono was quoted as saying in Thursday's Jakarta Post. "It insults women ... as if they are the ones in the wrong."

Quotation from the Associated Press

Massage parlors are often a front for prostitution in this country as well. There are more massage parlors in my home town of San Francisco than there are Baptist churches in the small Virginia town where I now live.

In my younger and more carefree days I never had a problem distinguishing a reputable massage parlor from one that was nothing more than a glorified bordello. If an establishment is named "Sunnyview Therapeutic Massage Center" and the masseuses wear smocks and sensible shoes, chances are that it's a legitimate business. But if the joint is named "Bunni's Heavenly Massage", and the masseuses wear hot pants and stiletto heels, chances are that you are in for a hell of a good time.

There is no need for a legitimate massage parlor to humiliate their masseuses by making them padlock their skirts and pants. If a massage parlor wants to discourage their patrons from propositioning their employees, they should post a large sign that reads: If you proposition one of our licensed and professional masseuses we will report you to the police.

It's guys trying to free Willy at every opportunity, and not the hardworking legitimate masseuses who are the problem. The focus should be on preventing the male customers from harassing or propositioning the masseuses.

A masseuse with a padlock on her pants would only serve to excite and encourage guys to make a sexual advances.

Typical Guy: Oh baby, that padlock on your skirt is so kinky. I ought to try making my girlfriend padlock her tight-a** jeans. Damn, I'm really turned on now. I want a full body massage, and you know what I mean!

You can't make this stuff up; with this kind of foolishness going on all over the world I will never run out of stuff to write about.