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Published:April 11th, 2008 14:41 EST
Did Dick Cheney Go Fly Fishing With A Naked Woman?

Did Dick Cheney Go Fly Fishing With A Naked Woman?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"He shot his hunting partner, but Vice President Dick Cheney apparently doesn't fly fish with naked women.

Since Wednesday, the blogosphere has been atwitter over a photograph on the White House web site of Cheney with a caption that said he was fly fishing on the Snake River in Idaho.

The photo is a tight shot of Cheney's face sporting dark sunglasses and his trademark grin.

What's stirring all the buzz is the reflection in the vice president's dark glasses. Some thought that the reflection looked like a naked woman." [Quotation from Kevin G. Hall and George Bridges | McClatchy Newspapers]

Dick Cheney's smirk rarely morphs into a genuine smile, but that was an honest-to-goodness smile the VP was sporting on the now world-famous photograph.

The vice-president has a gloomy disposition and not many things cause him to grin from ear to ear. If Cheney went fly-fishing with a prominent Democrat and he "accidentally" cast his hook in his friend's eye, that would certainly cause Cheney to guffaw. But we must rule out this scenario, there were no reports of a person reporting to a Snake River hospital with a fishing hook caught in his eye.

The reflection in Cheney's sunglasses is somewhat of a Rorschach Inkblot Test, this horny editorialist swears it's a naked Jessica Alba.

According to PoliGazette the image is of the vice-president's hand on his fly rod. I won't touch that one with a ten-foot fishing pole.

I would love to hear Cheney's explanation to his wife: Honey, those bloggers have way too much time on their hands. I swear I was fly fishing with my retired friend from Halliburton and not a nubile, sexy (slobbering) and naked bimbo.

What's the reflection in Cheney's shades? That's right up there with why doesn't the Mona Lisa have eyebrows. We may never know, but it's good to see Darth Vader smiling, instead of smirking for a change.