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Published:April 28th, 2008 10:36 EST
Occult of Scientology

Occult of Scientology

By Sean Stubblefield

A recent article posted on this site lambasting Scientology (Scientology: The Wealth Cult ) concluded by saying: Watch the video, research Scientology and make up your own minds. "

That is the only point on which I can agree. Take the author`s advice, here. Don`t listen to him and those like him who attack Tom Cruise merely because he`s eccentric, strong willed and outspoken; make up your own mind. In my opinion, the video mentioned which attacks the religion is so lame and juvenile that not only can I not take it seriously, but if anything "rather than work against Scientology it works in its favor. It does nothing to diminish Scientology. Although I consider Tom to be a remarkable actor and a marvelous individual whom I have great respect for, I am not a Scientologist, nor do I particularly endorse it. In fact, I think its religious aspects are ludicrous. But I also think the religiosity of Christian & Muslim faith is ludicrous.

This article I refer to complains of Scientology being an extortion cult. But I submit that such a claim can justifiably be said against Christianity. Does not Christianity also exhibit the traits of a cult? Indeed, IS just as much a cult as Scientology? Does Christianity not exploit the susceptibility and fear inherent in the faith to separate parishioners from their money to support the church "? Does not Christianity also manipulate and magistrate the beliefs of their followers? Why do we not bring as much criticism against Christianity for the same crimes "?

I admit Scientology tends to be a litigious organization, and that "YES "it has the financial resources to do so. In large part because of their member donations/fees. And why shouldn`t Scientology make a profit from services rendered? You pay high fees to therapists for their counseling services. Consultants, advisors and motivational speakers aren`t cheap, either. Aren`t many Churches also operated as a business? Is Christianity any less of a business? And while I abhor the litigious approach to problem solving, I can understand why they use it. Because in this world, money talks. With all the assaults on Scientology, it is only reasonable that they would want to defend themselves against defamation and censure. What better way to hurt/deter their opponent than by suing?

The article states that Scientology is harassing their critics. However, Christianity is not innocent of that charge either. The difference, it seems to me, is that Scientology does that in self defense. Christianity typically does that as a pre-emptive strike. As well as a post-emptive strike. But, some might say, Christianity is only trying to help make the world a better place. Well, so is Scientology. Christianity wants to help save people from themselves. Scientology wants the same thing. Ultimately, what does it matter which agency that help comes from? Neither are forcing themselves onto others (well, not anymore), individuals are free to choose. If they so choose.


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