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Published:April 30th, 2008 13:22 EST
State Trooper Fired For Abusing His K-9 Partner

State Trooper Fired For Abusing His K-9 Partner

By Robert Paul Reyes

In some Asian countries dogs are on the restaurant menu, and in most Muslim nations they are considered unclean and are rarely kept as pets, but in America we love our pooches.

The Michael Vick episode graphically illustrated the love affair that we have with our canine companions. NFL and NBA superstars have got away with miscellaneous felonies, and even rape and murder with just a slap on the wrist, but the disgraced gridiron star got the proverbial book thrown at him for torturing and killing Pit Bulls.

I own two dogs: Mandy a Pit Bull/German Shepherd and Midnite a Chow/Lab. My hounds are my children and if anyone mistreats them, I will go Medieval on them.

I cringe whenever I see animals being abused; if you have a weak heart don't watch this video that shows a North Carolina State Trooper abusing his K-9 partner:

"A hearing into the firing of a state trooper accused of mistreating his police dog opened today with a video of the officer kicking the dog as it was suspended from the railing of a loading dock.

The 15-second video, taken by another trooper using his cell phone, shows Sgt. Charles L. Jones kicking the dog, Ricoh, five times. The dog was tied to the railing by its leash at the time, with its front paws in the air and its rear paws touching the ground. With each kick, the dog swung about two feet under the dock.

Altogether, Trooper Raymond Herndon testified, Jones kicked the dog up to eight times. The dog, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, was not seriously injured.

Herndon said Jones was trying to get Ricoh to release a piece of fire hose that he was using as a toy. First, Jones swung the dog in a circle in a technique known as 'helicoptering.' The dog was swung in such force that it became airborne.

Herndon testified that he did not object to the helicoptering but did become concerned when Jones took Ricoh by the leash and suspended him from the railing."

Quotation from PunkKitchen.Com

It's horrible when an owner mistreats his mutt, but it's even worse when a cop beats up his K-9 partner. A police dog is trained not only to apprehend criminals but to sacrifice his life to save his partner.

The hearing is to determine if Sgt. Jones should get his job back. Under no circumstances should this depraved individual be put back on the force. If Jones tortures his own partner, how will he treat a suspect when the cameras aren't rolling?

Ricoh, the police dog, has since been retired from service. It would be an insult to good police officers like Ricoh, if the cowardly Jones is rehired.