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Published:May 1st, 2008 04:07 EST
Tyler King and His Unfortunate Run-In with the Internet

Tyler King and His Unfortunate Run-In with the Internet

By SOP newswire2


Letter to the Editor:

The Internet can be a cold and unforgiving place. Especially if your name is Tyler King and last week you somehow managed to piss off the legion of Internet users collectively known as `Anonymous`.   Add to that the fact your girlfriend posted nudes on PhotoBucket that leaked all over the Internet and you found yourself in a really bad position.  Yes, it is not nice to be Tyler King right now.

It all started when Mr. King posted a video of himself rapping on YouTube.  As untalented Caucasian MC`s usually are when they post such things, he was flamed in the comment section.  The self proclaimed `Lil King` was quick to respond with his own `witty` remarks... (see: "il kunt?  ha dats pretty funny....not....wit yo bitch ass) and even had his girlfriend jump in the fray.  It would be the last time either was so brave, however, as it wasn`t long before Anonymous showed up and discovered the nude pictures.

For the next three days a relentless attack was charged upon Mr. King by thousands of Internet users. Every minute detail of his life was discovered and subsequently posted on the Internet image boards everywhere.  The nude pictures were plastered all over the web and even emailed to the entire Heritage High School (the school they attend) mailing list.  Food said to be worth hundreds of dollars was ordered to his house.  He was signed up for over 9,000 mailing lists.  The pranks go on and on.  It was also discovered that his father was in prison after being convicted of incest, which is a really unfortunate thing to get leaked all over the Internet when one is trying to succeed in today`s rap music industry.

Mr. King `surrendered` yesterday on his MySpace, posting the following message: "OK ANON! IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO MAKE YALL MAD!  JUST PLZ STOP! Y`ALL WIN!  I GIVE UP!"  His girlfriend posted a similar message on her own MySpace: "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE IT STOP ANON?"

Attacks only intensified as they begged for mercy.  He is no longer the tough gangster rapper kid from the ghetto he once portrayed himself to be.  She is no longer the brazen and grammatically challenged woman everyone seen defending him on YouTube.  These two have now become victims of their own selfish and materialistic views upon the Internet as a whole. They believed they could ignorantly attack a person for having an opinion on something that isn`t good in the first place.  They tried to push what many would argue are the worst elements of our society onto the Internet.  They thought they could use gangster language to intimidate people.  They were very, very wrong.

As of press time, the attacks have lessened.  No word on whether they will continue or cease due to lack of interest.  Expect, however, that it is not over and probably won`t be for a very long time.

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By "Anonymous"