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Published:May 9th, 2008 13:28 EST
Poop Happens

Poop Happens

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York woman has filed a $100 claim against Norwalk saying a family outing to the Maritime Aquarium was ruined by dog feces. The woman claims her child's shoes, along with the entire outing, were ruined when her 1-year-old stepped in dog feces outside the Maritime Garage.

City attorney M. Jeffry Spahr said the official response is that her claim is denied and in his words, 'poop happens.'"

Quotation from the Associated Press

We are a very litigious society, and we want to hold anyone with deep pockets responsible for acts of God or an act of a dog in this case.

"Poop happens", and we shouldn't sweat the small stuff, we should save the histrionics for life's major trials and tribulations.

I've overcome many obstacles in my life, and I've learned not to wax apoplectic if someone cuts me off in traffic or if I step on dog poop. It's ridiculous to let a small thing like stepping on a dog turd ruin a family outing.

That woman is setting the wrong example for her toddler, her child will go on a tantrum at the slightest inconvenience.

Does that crazy lady expect the city to hire an army of poop-catchers to patrol every public venue and every public street?

The only thing that lady is entitled to is a bumper sticker with the words: Poop Happens.