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Published:May 11th, 2008 09:29 EST
Guy Wrecks Car, Sees His Trailer Catch Fire And Gets A Ticket

Guy Wrecks Car, Sees His Trailer Catch Fire And Gets A Ticket

By Robert Paul Reyes

My mantra is "Don't sweat the small stuff", but when I'm pulled over by a cop and issued a ticket, all that positive energy disappears quicker than a box of bon bons in front of Oprah Winfrey.

Getting a ticket is expensive and embarrassing, it puts a dent in your wallet and delivers a wallop to your pride. Men hate getting a ticket, we feel that we can always outsmart or outtalk any Barney Fife clone.

Even worse that dealing with a cop, is coming home to your wife or girlfriend:

Guy: Honeybuns, You won't believe this but an anal-retentive state trooper gave me a ticket for going 25 miles over the speed limit. Can ya believe it?

Honeybuns: You freakin' idiot. I don't care how much you have to shell out for that moving violation, I still expect you to buy me that diamond bracelet you promised me.

The next time you are steaming in your car because a police officer just handed you a ticket, consider the predicament of this hapless fellow:

"One moment, Justin Hill was turning into his driveway. Minutes later he was being flown to a hospital as his home went up in flames. Then he got a traffic ticket.

Hill, 42, got into a crash after turning into the path of an oncoming car Tuesday evening, said Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer Monte Terry. Hill's wife heard the crash and ran outside, leaving the kitchen stove, where she had been cooking, unattended."

Quotation from the Associated Press

You can guess the rest of the story: Their trailer caught on fire and was consumed by flames.

There's many a woman who would leave her boyfriend if he wrecked their car. I wouldn't be too surprised if Justin's wife has left him -- no doubt she blames him for the wreck and the destruction of their trailer.

Poor Justin, he's probably homeless and living out of his wrecked car.

Moral of the story: Consider yourself lucky if you get a ticket, but your car and home are still intact.