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Published:May 23rd, 2008 09:27 EST
Canadian Court Reverses Dead Fly In Bottle Of Water Judgement

Canadian Court Reverses Dead Fly In Bottle Of Water Judgement

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man who claimed that he became depressed, anxious and phobic after finding a dead fly in a bottle of water will no longer get the judgment he won against a bottling company, Canada's top court ruled Thursday.

Martin Mustapha will have to shell out thousands in court costs, instead of collecting the more than $345,000 he won in an Ontario court three years ago."

Quotation from the Associated Press

Even the most optimistic person who believes that life is a bed of roses, is occasionally pricked by a thorn to remind him of life's vicissitudes.

"Sh** Happens"; this eternal truth is taught by all the major religions, although it's phrased more diplomatically in the sacred texts.

When I stub my toe, step in dung or slip on the sidewalk, I may utter a curse... but I quickly forget about it. When these insignificant and unavoidable misfortunes happen to some people, they immediately look for deep pockets to sue.

If I found a dead fly in a bottle of water, I would sue but I wouldn't become "depressed, anxious, and phobic." There are much worse things that can happen to you than finding an insect in a bottle of water. How is this idiot going to react if he is diagnosed with cancer?

If Mustapha was depressed and phobic after finding the dead insect, is he suicidal now that his judgement has been overturned and he has to pay thousands in court costs.

I bet Mustapha is drinking something a little bit more stronger than bottled water after his reversal of fortune.