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Published:May 23rd, 2008 11:48 EST

Lady Dead For 42 Years Finally Found: Mummified In Front Of Her Black And White TV

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Croatia: A woman who was reported missing after last being seen by neighbours in 1966 has been found dead inside her own apartment. Back when she was first reported missing neighbours assumed she had shifted to Zagreb.

When police broke into the apartment to determine the occupancy status they found Hedviga Golik`s mummified body was in front of her black-and-white television with a cup of tea."

Quotation from ShortNews.Com

It`s a sad indictment of modern society that a person can die in her own home, and not be missed by friends, colleagues and family.

There are a few loved ones in my community who would contact the police if they didn`t see me or hear from me in a few days.

I communicate via email with my old friends in California and editors on an almost daily basis. I`m confident that if I dropped dead in my home that after a few days, they would get in touch with the authorities.

It`s telling that there would be more cyber friends and colleagues who would inquire about my well-being than real-life friends and family. In this age of the Internet our cyber friends may well outnumber our real life friends.

The poor woman was found dead in front of her TV, if I kick the bucket at home I hope I`m found dead with my fingers on the keyboard. I want to die doing what I love the most: Writing.