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Published:May 31st, 2008 17:34 EST
Jeff Peckman Claims To Have Caught Extraterrestrial On Video

Jeff Peckman Claims To Have Caught Extraterrestrial On Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

A man in Denver is convinced that a commission should be set up to prepare for visits from aliens from outer space. Furthermore he has promised the city videotape evidence of 4-foot-tall gray aliens which he will present on Friday. Jeff Peckman who sells new technology to reduce electromagnetic fields needs 4,000 signatures to get his proposal on the ballot."

Quotation from ShortNews.Com

Peckman better not screen footage of Dennis Kucinich holding hands with his 6-foot drop-dead gorgeous wife, and attempt to convince the assembled throng that it`s an alien abducting a hot Earth woman for breeding purposes.

Why is it that aliens have a penchant for landing in the boonies, and imparting the wisdom of the cosmos to drunk rednecks?

When a Mothership lands in the White House Rose Garden, and a 4-foot alien floats to the Oval Office and blasts President George W. Bush to Kingdom Come, then I will become a believer in all things extraterrestrial.

I`m surprised the city officials of Denver are giving Peckman a hearing, aren`t there more pressing matters in their fair city than an impending invasion of midget aliens?

"In 2003, Peckman authored an off-beat ballot initiative that would have required the city to implement stress-reduction techniques. The `Safety Through Peace` initiative failed, but garnered 32 percent of the vote."

Quotation from the ChicagoSunTimes.Com

If it turns out that the space alien in Peckman`s video is real, the entire world is going to have to implement stress-reduction techniques.

If I lived in Denver I would bring my own proposal before the City Council: Tar and feather Peckman and ride him on a rail out of town.