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Published:June 1st, 2008 22:04 EST
101-Year-Old Driver Gets Her License Renwed By Florida DMV

101-Year-Old Driver Gets Her License Renwed By Florida DMV

By Robert Paul Reyes

A Florida woman who is considered to be the world`s oldest driver got her license renewed until 2011.

Lillian Cox, 101, said she has been driving since 1915 and continues to travel around Tallahassee in her 1984 sedan."

Quotation from Local6.Com

The idea of Ms. Lillian getting her license renewed probably puts a smile on the face of the average person, but I find little amusing about the prospect of being caught behind this elderly woman in traffic. I always get stuck behind an old biddy driving a sedan as big as a boat. I know it`s a senior citizen, because I can see a tuft of blue hair that barely reaches the bottom of the steering wheel. I suffer from a recurring nightmare where I`m flying down the highway, I make a sharp turn and all of a sudden I`m trapped behind a convoy of 1970 Buick Skylarks inching along at 10 miles per hour.

The bureaucrats at the Florida DMV are very optimistic in issuing a 101-year-old lady a license that expires in 2011; my guess is that Ms. Lillian will soon be cruising the heavenly streets of gold in a HoverRound. I would have issued her a license that expires in 90 days, and wished her a happy hereafter.

According to the Local6.Com article, Ms. Lillian has been invited to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno." I hope she flies from Florida to California, if she decides to drive the show may be canceled before she arrives at her destination.