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Published:June 2nd, 2008 17:54 EST
Freedom! A punishment.

Freedom! A punishment.

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Freedom given,


Freedom, how do I manage?


It was about midnight when I turned on the TV and. luckily for me (I presume), that particular channel was airing one of my favorite shows, Tyra, and the talk was on the topic of hate crime. A number of guests shared their experiences on how they were feeling and how they treat  particular personalities. Interesting!


I will commence with my story by discussing who is a racist. Like it or not, to me, we all are racists. So far, have you ever felt that need to hate or dislike somebody, be it in his/her character or habits ? Irrespective of the gender or skin color?


My good racist friends, imagine if we have our body skinned off, could any man tell from the flesh whether he/she is green, white, yellow, brown or a black skinned being?


Talking about gay/homosexual, people say it is sin. Same thought goes to adultery, fornication and others transgressions. What a shame! Zoneziwoh will only say it`s a sin if the intension behind is wicked, or, better still, unfriendly.


I am aware that as much as the world is modernizing, so will devilish acts find there way to suit the present day.


Further, why is man deciding to choose the hard and most confusing path of life, in a society fill with easy and life nourishing values, with each of these values having disciplines which is contributing to the diversity of the universe?


How could people say that the Tyra Bank show is not godly? She might seem evil to some fellows.  But, Tyra is a show that I personally appreciate for its informative, educating, entertaining.


Shut up those clappers by saying, "One man`s interest is another person`s hate." Very soon, people will tap out; all the oxygen in the air, after all, may be one man`s interest and could be at another man`s detriment. I think that we sometimes use these slogans just to console the conscience by giving the impression we are not guilty. A bet you cn believe will not hold in all cases, there are issues in life, which is not about likeness or dislike.


As much as I am not excluded from these mad people, every day I come to realize that we always mistake religion for cultures or habits. Sadly to say, some of us have been too stereotyped in life. (Due to religious ethics, I would rather not quote.)


Do you, then, agree with me that freedom is the only gift given to man from beyond? The only gift that man can proudly says he owns, but with these, he wasn`t shown the tricks in managing freedom.

Freedom is a punishment.