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Published:June 4th, 2008 17:10 EST
Buried In Can of Pringles

Buried In Can of Pringles

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ohio: Fredric J. Baur, the man who invented Pringles in 1966, has had some of his ashes buried in a Pringles can after dying last month aged 89. The remaining ashes were split between two urns. One was buried and the other was given to a grandson.

Baur was extremely proud of the Pringles design. The decision to bury him in a Pringles container was in keeping with the late inventor`s wishes."

Quotation from ShortNews.Com

When I think of Pringles potato chips the following words come to mind: Delicious, crispy and fresh.

But after reading this article I`m afraid that if I open a can of Pringles, chips coated not with cheddar, but with the ashes of an old man will tumble out.

Bauer`s unorthodox cremation container is not good news for Pringles. I`d rather buy a Tylenol bottle that might have been tampered with, than purchase a can of Pringles. From now on whenever I think of Pringles, human ashes will come to mind.

"Fusion" is the hot word in the snack food industry, how about the following Pringles product: The Jalapeno/Ashes Fusion Pringles. "You can tell a Pringles lover by his ashy black lips."

God, how I wish Bauer had designed a box of cat litter instead of the box for one of my favorite snacks.