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Published:June 4th, 2008 07:41 EST
The Howard Stern Show Gets a Hot Teacher Fired For Playing Hooky

The Howard Stern Show Gets a Hot Teacher Fired For Playing Hooky

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I was a kid most of my female teachers were so old and unattractive they made Madeline Albright look like a hot chick. It`s with a tinge of jealousy that I read articles about all these gorgeous teachers who post risque photographs online.

Once again a voluptuous teacher has made the news:

"Even though Marie Jarry wore a bikini on the Howard Stern radio show on May 1, it appears as if her resignation as a Thalberg School second-grade teacher is based on a professional gaffe rather than a poor wardrobe.

"The Board of Education holds all staff to a very high standard," School Superintendent Joseph V. Erardi Jr. said Friday. "There are expectations that staff, unless they are sick or have personal issues per contract, are expected to be at work and to uphold the professional code of conduct."

Jarry`s appearance on the Stern show was on a Thursday, a school day.

Jarry and her husband, Aaron Jarry, of Farmington, won $5,000 that day in a contest called, "Ugliest Guy, Hottest Wife."

Quotation from MyrecordJournal.Com

In a perfect world a schoolmarm won`t call in sick, unless it`s to attend a lecture on how to be the perfect mentor. But we don`t live in a perfect world, and this hottie used a sick day to appear on the Howard Stern show dressed in a bikini.

Who are we to judge this beautiful educator; let him who has never played hooky from work cast the first slur. I remember one time I called in sick so I could attend a baseball game, three hours sunbathing in the bleachers left me with a nice rich tan. The next day my supervisor gave me a hard look, but I shrugged it off because as a union member I couldn`t be fired unless I went to work tanned, drunk and homicidal.

I`ve seen photos of the drop-dead gorgeous academician and her ugly spouse. If she`s into unattractive guys, I have a chance of hooking up with her if she divorces.

I hope this sexy Mamma quickly finds another job as a teacher, or failing that, as a bikini model.