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Published:June 19th, 2008 08:59 EST
Philadelphia Installs Virtual Speed Bumps

Philadelphia Installs Virtual Speed Bumps

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Enforcing speed limits in neighborhoods is never easy-- police typically don`t have the time to monitor quiet, residential streets, but the lack of traffic on those streets often inspires drivers to lean on the gas. Speed bumps can slow people down, but sometimes damage cars and often annoy residents. The city of Philadelphia has come up with a novel solution-- intersections that look like they have speed bumps, but in fact contain special 3D images designed to resemble obstacles in the road."

Quotation from Motor Trend magazine

A municipality should design roads that are safe, easy to navigate and free from distractions. The faux speed bumps don`t resemble the real thing, and they are a distraction that can cause traffic accidents.

The 3D decals might cause a driver to slow down the first time, but once he realizes it`s not a speed bump he will fly down that road the next time.

A government shouldn`t make it a practice to play games, we expect our city officials to be sober and professional. These kind of shenanigans give city government a bad reputation.

If a speed bump isn`t really a speed bump, maybe the stop sign isn`t really a stop sign: CRAAASHH!

I just hope the cop who shows up at the scene of the traffic accident is a faux officer.

What if a driver approaches a real speed bump at normal speed, thinking it`s a fake one: Lawsuit!

The city of Philadelphia has installed 100 of these plastic decals throughout the city: What a nuisance and waste of taxpayer`s money!