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Published:June 23rd, 2008 10:26 EST
Old Lady Hurt Trying On Victoria's Secret Thong

Old Lady Hurt Trying On Victoria's Secret Thong

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Now that`s an eye-popping thong.

A 52-year-old California woman is suing lingerie giant Victoria`s Secret, charging she was hit in the eye by a decorative metallic object that flew off a thong she was trying on.

Macrida Patterson, a traffic officer for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, claims her cornea was severely damaged in the underwear mishap."

Quotation from NYDailyNews.Com

This story is disturbing for a few reasons, first of all I can`t believe that Victoria`s Secret lets customers try on intimate apparel. For Victoria`s Secret to let a customer try on a thong and then put it back on the rack, it like CVS Pharmacy letting a customer floss and then put the floss back on the shelf.

In the second place I find it disconcerting that a 52-year-old woman would buy a skimpy thong, at her age she should stick to granny panties. The mishap was nature`s way of telling her that she is too old to shop at Victoria`s Secret.

When I think of a thong I visualize a Supermodel wearing it, not a frumpy and overweight 52-year-old woman. Maybe I shouldn`t make fun of this hapless woman, but if you put yourself in the spotlight, you are fair game.

And finally I`m outraged at this woman`s frivolous lawsuit, I`ve seen her interviewed several times, and there is nothing wrong with her eyesight.

I hope this lady`s lawsuit is dismissed by the judge, and as a consolation prize I hope he gives her a couple of granny panties.