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Published:June 26th, 2008 17:38 EST
A Crocodile Walks Into A Bar...Sounds like joke...It's NOT

A Crocodile Walks Into A Bar...Sounds like joke...It's NOT

By Robert Paul Reyes

A crocodile walks into a bar... Sounds like joke, but the punch line is that it really happened:

"Drinkers at an Outback watering hole may have wondered if perhaps they`d had one too many when they were greeted by a crocodile at the pub`s door.

But being good hosts, they did the only polite thing and invited him inside.

The saltwater croc was just 2 feet long and more a curiosity than a threat to drinkers at the Noonamah Tavern on Sunday."

Quotation from the Associated Press

Nothing shocks an Australian, an alien could beam into a bar, and inside of running for their lives, they would buy him a lager and ask him if they have beer where he comes from.

But a 2` crocodile doesn`t pose much of a threat, even a wuzz like me would have been blase about the unusual occurrence. But I would have requested that the bouncer escort me to my car, the Mom crocodile could have been lurking around the corner.

I`ve been in some dives, where if a dinosaur walked in, everybody would assume it was an alcoholic hallucination.

Animal lovers need not worry that the baby croc was adopted as a mascot by the drunk patrons of the bar. According to the AP article, wildlife officials took the cute critter to a crocodile farm.