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Published:July 10th, 2008 19:15 EST
Can You Say,  I Want to Cut His Nuts Off -- In Spanish?

Can You Say, I Want to Cut His Nuts Off -- In Spanish?

By John Lillpop

No one can deny that Reverend Jesse Jackson is many things to many people. However, no one has ever accused the Reverend of being overly sophisticated or temperate in his language and or behavior.

That is unlikely to change as Reverend Jackson seeks to contain the firestorm resulting from his crude, intemperate remarks about Barack Obama on national television.

Specifically, in a video aired on FOX network, Jackson leans over and whispers, "See, Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based ... I want cut his n**s off ... Barack ... he`s talking down to black people."


For emphasis, Jackson appeared to make a stabbing or cutting motion with his hand.

While Jackson was unveiling his scheme to neuter Barack Obama on national television, the would- be target of the "unkindest cut" was actually helping make Jackson`s case by admonishing American parents to "make sure your children can speak Spanish."


For that bit of idiotic and unseemly vote trolling, Obama should be gelded on national television (FOX), as soon as it can be verified that Obama has "n***" to begin with, or that he has flip-flopped on the issue, whichever comes first.

Some unsolicited advise for Reverend Jackson seems appropriate: Reverend, in order to prevent this sort of mix-up again, perhaps you should speak Spanish when plotting to undo a brother`s masculinity and reproductive rights on right-wing television?

Brother Obama would appreciate it!