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Published:July 15th, 2008 19:18 EST
UFOs Observed Headed Toward Bush's Crawford Ranch

UFOs Observed Headed Toward Bush's Crawford Ranch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Federal Aviation Administration radar appears to confirm the presence of unidentified aircraft on Jan. 8 over the Stephenville-Dublin area, with at least one appearing to head toward President Bush`s Crawford Ranch, the same night that dozens of people reported seeing UFOs, according to a report released Thursday by a national group that studies reports of unidentified flying objects.

UFO near Crawford, Texas

According to the Mutual UFO Network report, the FAA radar indicated that several craft were moving in the same compass direction and time frame as those cited by Erath County residents. The craft were not military and did not have transponders that relay information about themselves to radar operators."

UFO near Crawford, Texas

Quotation from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

President George W. Bush`s administration will go down in history as a dismal failure, as a consequence John McCain and his fellow Republicans who are running for reelection avoid him like the plague. GOP candidates will do anything to avoid a photo op with Bush; I find it difficult that even UFOs would want to be associated with the disgraced president.

Bush at Crawford

The unidentified objects sighted near Bush`s ranch are not of alien origin, they must be weather balloons or military aircraft. If aliens are on a mission to find intelligent life on earth, why the hell would they be headed toward Bush`s ranch?

If aliens seeking intelligent life on earth really existed they would be hovering over my humble home, and they would be manipulating Google so that my essays would always be the first to show up regardless what search term you entered.

I believe that UFO`s are of earthly origin, and not little green men from a distant planet. Why is it that UFO`s always land in the boonies, and the aliens interact with inbred hillbillies with a penchant for guzzling moonshine? When a UFO lands in the White House Rose Garden and zaps Cheney into smithereens in the name of galactic peace and harmony, then and only then will I become a believer.

However, I wish those really were alien craft seen over Bush`s home, wouldn`t it be nice if they abducted him before he could come up with an excuse to bomb Iran?