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Published:July 17th, 2008 17:55 EST
Reborn Babies: Dolls That Look Like Newborns Induce Nausea

Reborn Babies: Dolls That Look Like Newborns Induce Nausea

By Robert Paul Reyes

With their big heads, pot bellies and tiny hands babies are adorable. It`s almost impossible not to smile when you see a cute angel looking up at you with its big innocent eyes.

But brand spanking newborns are hideous creatures with their pinched and red faces. They look like the rejected offspring of Satan, they induce nausea and revulsion. How many times has a beaming new mother showed of her newborn who looks remarkably like Rosemary`s baby, and left you speechless when she gushed, "Isn`t he adorable"?

That`s why baby dolls are made to look like babies who are a few months old, and not like newborns. But a company, in a crime against humanity, is selling dolls over the Internet that look like newborn babies.

"Their chests rise and fall and you can hear a tiny heartbeat, but these babies for sale over the Internet are not alive.

`Reborn babies` are disconcertingly life-like baby dolls carefully crafted in vinyl, which have become swiftly popular mainly with collectors, but also with nostalgic grandparents and grieving parents."

Quotation from Reuters/Sophie Taylor

After seeing photographs of these reborn babies, I`m a prime candidate for intensive therapy. I`d rather see pics of Oprah wearing nothing but a smile and the skimpiest thong ever created.

If you have a daughter, who is slightly on the slutty side, give her one of these reborn dolls and I guarantee she will start wearing a chastity belt.