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Published:July 21st, 2008 14:33 EST
Man Loses Prostethic Leg While Skydiving

Man Loses Prostethic Leg While Skydiving

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An upstate New York man says he`s still upbeat despite losing the same leg twice. Scott Listemann told the Poughkeepsie Journal that he laughs about losing his foot and lower leg `both the first time and the second time.`

The Poughkeepsie man lost his leg below the knee in a November, 2007 accident. Listemann, 47, lost his prosthetic leg last month while skydiving in upstate New York."

Quotation from the Associated Press (AP)

Most folks who read this article will comment: It`s great that Listemann doesn`t let his disability prevent him from enjoying life. But I have a different take: To quote Dirty Harry, "A man has gotta know his limitations."

If Listemann can sky dive without his prosthetic leg, then more power to him. But by diving with his prosthetic leg, he is endangering the safety of those below. Listemann got a big laugh about losing his fake leg, but if that thing landing on somebody`s house, I bet the homeowner isn`t laughing.

The disabled aren`t above criticism when they put their personal gratification about the safety of their fellow human beings.

The AP articles states that Listemann is hoping someone will find his missing limb and contact him. He`s lucky if doesn`t get clobbered upside his head with his leg.