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Published:July 23rd, 2008 20:03 EST
Three Crooks, A Stolen Recliner And A Getaway Vehicle With No Gas

Three Crooks, A Stolen Recliner And A Getaway Vehicle With No Gas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Three men suspected of stealing from a Goodwill store in Cookeville ran out of gas before making it out of the parking lot, police say.

Officers said they found a truck stalled in the parking lot after someone called police saying a recliner chair was being stolen and loaded on the back of a truck."


Quotation from the Associated Press (AP)

This interesting tidbit from the AP brings up some interesting questions:

The Three Stooges must have flunked Burglary and Robbery 101: Make sure your getaway vehicle has plenty of gas.

Three men and one recliner chair? Were they planning on sharing the recliner, each crook gets to keep it for a month and then it`s the other guy`s turn?

I`ve donated a sofa to Goodwill that would be rejected by a homeless person; why would these hapless clowns risk jail time to steal a recliner from Goodwill? If they stole a recliner from a decent store they could sell it and have enough money to fill-up their truck.

"Charged early Sunday with theft of property under $500 were Randall Earl Fulton of Cookeville, Michael Earl Wiggins of Hilham and Craig Dean Curry of Cookeville."

The AP story didn`t list the names of the bad guys, these idiots deserve their 15 minutes of infamy so I included this quote from: