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Published:July 25th, 2008 12:13 EST
Boy Bites Dog

Boy Bites Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

Dog bites boy is a hot news item in the neighborhood for a few days; boy bites dog makes international headlines.

Usually the only time that Brazil makes the news is during Carnival, but the story of a heroic Brazilian lad is big news online.

"An 11-year old boy is in Brazil`s media spotlight after sinking his teeth into the neck of a dog that attacked him. Local newspapers reported on Thursday that Gabriel Almeida was playing in his uncle`s backyard in the city of Belo Horizonte when a pit bull named Tita lunged at him and bit him in the left arm.
Almeida grabbed the dog by the neck and bit back - biting so hard that he lost a canine tooth."

Quotation from the Associated Press (AP)

When a Pit Bull sinks his teeth into you, he`s not going to let go come hell or high water. The only thing more difficult than getting a Pit Bull to let go off a victim, is pulling a rib from Oprah Winfrey`s mouth.

Instead of fainting or crying like a schoolgirl, Belo sank his teeth into the ferocious canine, losing a canine tooth of his own in the process. The Tooth Fairy should give him $1,000 for his courageous action.

According to the AP story the hero kid exclaimed: "It`s better to lose a tooth than one`s life." Truer words were never spoken, that motto should be emblazoned on T-shirts and bumper stickers.

I`ll even forgive Oprah Winfrey if she utters that inspiring slogan if she loses a tooth biting into a steak.

If Belo lived in the United States he would have been on Jay Leno`s show by now, but hopefully individuals in Brazil are also allotted fifteen minutes of fame.

Mothers all over the world should name their newborns after Belo, or at least their dogs or hamsters.