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Published:July 26th, 2008 12:26 EST
Senior Citizen Tends Marijuana Garden

Senior Citizen Tends Marijuana Garden

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 73-year-old Dutch man was astonished to learn from police that the begonias he had lovingly tended on his doorstep concealed a secret marijuana plantation.

 marijuana `Police officers suddenly noticed marijuana plants sprouting from his begonias,` a police spokeswoman in The Hague said on Friday.

Quotation from Reuters

When you see a newspaper article with dateline "Amsterdam" chances are excellent that it has something to do with marijuana.

Was the Dutch man really, "shocked, shocked, shocked" to learn that he was lovingly tending a marijuana plantation? Call me a cynical pundit, but I think the police should launch a thorough investigation.

Does he claim to roll his own cigarettes? Does he have a ceramic thingamajig that looks suspiciously like a bong? Are his cupboards full of Doritos, Cheetos, Ding Dongs and Pringles? Does he address everyone as "dude"? Does he have a "Stoners Rule" bumper sticker on his pickup? Does he wear sunglasses inside his house?

"Growing marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, but sales of it and other cannabis-related soft drugs in coffee shops have been tolerated for decades."

Quotation from Reuters

If I lived next door to the old geezer I would offer to remove the "weeds" from his begonias.