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Published:July 28th, 2008 09:19 EST
St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Was Preacher Tasered Because His Joke Was Corny?

By Robert Paul Reyes

A grandfather and pastor is suing a Toledo, Ohio hospital after being tasered and beaten by security guards at the facility.

Al Poisson, 67, says he was visiting a friend in St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center a year ago and was in a very good mood when he came upon a glum-looking guard and joked with him.

`I said (to the guard), `Are you happy today?`, Poisson told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Friday. `He said, `Yeah.` I said, `Well, you oughta tell your face!`

The guards wound up taking Poisson outside the building, where they used a taser and/or stun gun on him, dropping him to his knees and, he says, beat, kicked and `manhandled` him when he was down."

Quotation from CBSNews.Com

CBS is sympathetic to the plight of Poisson, why else mention the fact that he`s a grandfather in the opening sentence? What does his status as a grandfather have to do with the price of tea in China?

If a strangers asks, "Are you happy", he`s probably a Moonie, Scientologist or a fundamentalist Christian. It`s impossible for an individual with a modicum of intelligence to be happy, the best we can hope for in this screwed-up world is a small measure of contentment.

The punchline, "Well, you oughta tell your face", is a provocation and a good way to end up with a bloody nose. I hope that Poisson is a better preacher than he is a comic.

"St. Vincent`s issued a statement saying, `According to our policy regarding physical aggression, the use of a taser is warranted if someone attempts to physically attack a staff member, patient or visitor. We conducted an internal review of this incident that determined the response to the aggression was appropriate.`"

Quotation from CBSNews.Com

Hell yes, the use of the taser was appropriate, nobody likes a bad comic. The guards claim that he elbowed one of them.

It would have been real funny if the minister had yelled: Don`t tase me bro! Now that`s comedy.