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Published:August 6th, 2008 22:26 EST
Are Obsessed With The Montauk Monster?  Top 10 Signs!

Are Obsessed With The Montauk Monster? Top 10 Signs!

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Most guys open their wallets and show their co-workers photographs of their children, you show them pics of the Montauk Monster

*The Montauk Monster is the first person listed on your MySpace friends list.

*Your wife almost divorced you because you wanted to name your firstborn "Montauk".

*When you come home from work before kissing your wife or petting your dog you check Google News to read any new articles about the Montauk Monster.

*You paid $7,000 on eBay for a popcorn shaped like the Montauk Monster

*You removed the Britney Spears pic from your computer desktop, and replaced it with an image of the Montauk Monster.

*Your kids hate you because you are always comparing them unfavorably to the Montauk Monster.

*You were almost fired because you spend all your time at the Montauk Monster chat room.

*You keep pestering your son`s little league team to make the Montauk Monster their mascot.

*You`re a blogger and you keep breaking your promise not to write anymore Montauk Monster articles.